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Article Magic

Do you know what article marketing can do for your business?

Hi Guys, In the course of this article we are going to look at what article marketing can do for your business. One of the most incredible strategies ever to be incorporated with online advertising is article marketing. It has proven to be the most cost-efficient and most effective of them. By the term itself, […] Read more
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A few simple tips to stop you from getting drawn into the price war game

Hi Guys, Today, I’d like to offer a quick change of pace.  We are going to tackle one of the big myths that one comes up against on the internet regularly. This myth is part of a tactic employed by 99% of internet marketers as a sure-fire way to increase their sales. And nothing could […] Read more
Viral Marketing Frenzy - A force so powerful, it cannot be stopped!

How Hotmail Became Hot – The history of viral marketing

Hi Guys, As I’ve mentioned viral marketing before I thought that it may be an idea to provide a short history of viral marketing. Hearing the term “viral marketing” probably won’t give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. That is, unless you know the history of how “viral marketing” originated and the incredible story […] Read more