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Internet Marketing – Do You Have A Plan B

Hi Guys, I tend to keep a close watch on what’s really going on in the world economy (not the rubbish they show on the mainstream news networks)… and I like to write about what I see although this is not where I normally place my articles. As far as I’m concerned there is very […] Read more

Content creation paradigm of a successful Internet Marketer

Following my article on Content Creation Ideas – how to create content for effective use in your online marketing I thought that now would be a good time talk about the Content creation paradigm of a successful Internet Marketer. Few realize just how important and monetizing content creation is. Let me go on to say […] Read more
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Article Marketing and Content Creation – 3 Deadly Sins of Content Creation and What to do Instead

Article marketing is the fastest mechanism for creating content. However, even though it is by far the fastest way of creating content you will first you need to get past a few common mistakes that are often made. Let’s take a closer look at the three common errors often made by people attempting to use […] Read more