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Why Social Media Visitors Leave the Content Creation to the Experts

Creativity, it seems, is not in the realm of most social media users. Social media users assume the role of wallflower when it comes to the provision of information online. Therefore providing the content on these sites allowing them to just sit back and absorb, can be rather profitable. This is especially so if you can engage them to take some action to click on your ads and hyperlinks to your products.

Even though the number of people connecting on the internet and the various networking and social media sites is increasing there is no real increase in the number of people who actually contribute content to the internet and those sites.

Content creation, it appears, is beyond the capability of most people.

Renowned researcher Forrester conducted an online comprehensive examination of the entire Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. The findings concluded that while interest in social media and the Internet is moving forward at a considerable pace, the number of people who are engaging in content creation has actually started to shrink.

For those who use and study social media, this conclusion is not surprising. It has long been said that a majority of internauts are passive and not proactive users.

Just look at Twitter. Only 10% of those who sign on for accounts actually become involved in the creation of content, with fully 90% of the members either losing interest or fading away completely after a short space of time.

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If you consider the conclusion of the above study regarding Internet information / content creation and internet use, the statistics very interesting and should open your eyes to possibilities. After all, if fresh, focused and updated information was not available, the Internet would only be a static medium and would not have grown to be such a dominant force in our lives.

It therefore appears that the majority of people who interact with social media sites are entirely happy to just wait for information to be delivered and for content creation be left to the experts.

Is it the fact that content creation is too difficult for the majority, or can we use this evidence to point to the general demise of online engagement as an activity? It seems more sensible to conclude that most people don’t have that certain type of mindset needed and a thirst to provide specific and focused content.

After all throughout the centuries much of the available information was provided by a minority of authors and experts in the creation of content.

Blogging has grown to be a potent force in its own right over the last few years, as more and more people register and start to create their piece of real estate in cyberspace.
The software platforms and tools have become much more widespread and more intuitive. Amongst the most widely used blogging platform is WordPress.

While it may be relatively easy to create a blog, most people still tend to flounder when it comes to the actual content creation itself on a regular basis.

Blogging takes on a new form with the rise of Facebook. The individual profile page often takes on the look of a blog as members seek to inform us about their lives, their hobbies, projects or small business ventures. However, we should not expect to see a very high level of creativity here if we believe Forrester research.

Basically content creation must deliver value if it is to be of any worth. At the end of the day when people go onto the internet they are looking for content that is entertaining, fun, informative, interesting and instructive. Many people, it appears, find this level of content creation activity to be beyond the scope.

So with the above in mind, would you like me to summarize the one key skill that, once developed, will add a zero or two or three to your Internet marketing income?
Well, like it or not, here it is:

It is the ability and willingness to write.

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