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Content Creation Tips for Employers and Freelance Writers

After looking at 5 Useful tools for creating and distributing content in our previous article I thought that it may be useful if we take a look at some content creation tips for employers and freelance writers.

In the world of freelance writing, there are a lot of pitfalls that may affect both the customers and suppliers. For this reason there are a few things you should learn if you are planning to purchase the services of a freelance writer, or if you are considering joining the world of freelancing writing careers.

If you are outsourcing by procuring the services of a freelance writer you can land up spending a lot more money than you may have planned for especially if you have not carried out your due diligence through carrying out some research to locate the best content creation website available with terms that can be agreed upon.

What may appear as a low cost option at first may easily spiral out of control especially if the terms and conditions are not well defined.

Ultimately, you do get what you pay for, so if you are willing to pay an initially higher premium, give them to the writer who will likely give your content that much more care as they will value the freelance writing project you have provided them for its higher return.

To be honest, it takes time to research and put a good article together.
If you are the employer you need to have a clear idea about what you want and you will have to set very clear parameters with regards to the end product you want from the freelance writer you employ.

Many freelance writers have found the world of freelance writing quite difficult. Often they lack good marketing skills to get the best deal for their talent. Few of them know much, if anything, about internet marketing. For this reason a lot of very good freelance writers never seem to make the money they should for their articles.

It is also unfortunate that many employers have become accustomed getting below par, low quality articles and to spend revising their work.

If you are considering launching yourself into a freelance writing career one of the best thing that you can do for your freelance writing career is to let your prospective employers know ahead of time that you are always glad to revise your work. This may give some of the employers who have been burned in the past with some terrible content/articles some comfort, and it may lead to getting a greater work flow and a higher rate of pay.

Although there will always be outsourcing employers who will accept reduced quality work at reduced prices, there are also a lot of good employers out there who will recognize that your time is money too and provide you with appropriate pay for their freelance project writing requirements.

If you are the employer it is always good practice when working on a project to keep your freelance writer up to date on any and all aspects of the project concerning them.

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