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Learn How to Explode Your Monthly Income from the Use of Quality PLR Products

We last looked at how to make incremental progress every day to your Internet business, I thought that we would look at “How to Explode Your Monthly Income from the Use of Quality PLR Products”.

While there are many people who are good at mass producing PLR content, are you as an end user getting what you want? Do you have a reliable source for your Public Limited Rights products? Are you paying over the odds for PLR products?

What about the quality of the content? Is it usable and clear to understand? And can you use the information contained in the eBook or whatever is contained in the PLR License to make money?

If not I would suggest that you join a good membership site, were you can get a really good selection of Resell Rights Products that range from Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights right down to Personal Use Rights.

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The advantages to joining a good membership site are as follows:

Price: It can be a lot cheaper compared to buying from other sources because monthly subscriptions are usually a lot cheaper than one time purchases.

Constant Availability: You get consistent updated content every month!

Because monthly content is not readily available to the public, you do not compete with masses of other Internet marketers (or niche marketers) that are recycling the same, overused content over and over again! The only people you are ‘competing’ against are the people, who has membership access and even then there is usually a cap to the membership of a PLR membership site.

Speed of Use: You also get to enjoy first mover’s advantage! You will know exactly when the content will be released and you can start loading up the content on your sites as quickly as possible.

Diversity of Content: You get to create multiple streams of income when you really push yourselves to work smart every month.

The above has hopefully made clear as to why PLR memberships are one of the best investments one can make. However, we will have to choose the right membership site!

But how do you know which is the best PLR membership site to use?

For one thing it is extremely important that you carry out your due diligence and that you check out the credibility of the founders of the PLR site.

A little Internet research and recommendations go a long way to choosing a PLR membership site.

I for instance, will only recommend PLR Membership site that I have used i.e. Mark Austin’s Resell Rights Weekly.

Most PLR membership sites have different levels of memberships starting from a free/trial level to various paid levels. The free/trial level can already give you a steer on what to expect on the membership site and some will also show you what you may be missing on the paid levels.

Some PLR membership site provides its members with a set number of articles each month and charges a monthly membership fee for the service.

Once you have decided to join a membership site you should focus on the niche or niches you want to market to as it is all too easy to get distracted by all the other products.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions of the license that comes with the PLR product.

You may want to take a look at the following ebook titled Learn How to Write a 400 Word Article In 7 Minutes Or Less… Including Research & Proof Reading! in order to speed up your writing etc in creating your own private label rights products to sell.

Most PLR sites provide E-books as the bread and butter of the entire business model. However, some also provide videos, scripts, software and WordPress plugins.

You have to be sure that the niches you are focusing on are targeted, generic and to a certain degree competitive.

Remember that you should try to make the PLR products unique. I’ve given you various ways to monetize your PLR products previously. However I will reiterate a few salient points.

Powerful graphics – If they are provided, you can greatly increase your conversion rates.

Authorship – Private Label Rights allow you to claim authorship to the E-book and you can use it to build your name/brand or sell it.

Bundling – You can also take a few PLR E-books and combine them together to create one HUGE mega E-book and sell them for profits.

Bonuses – Depending on the terms and conditions, you can use this book and give it away as a bonus to products you are already selling.

Giveaway – You can give away some PLR products to people joining your list. You can give away the free eBooks with PLR to your customers so that they can have a business tool that they can use.

These are just some examples that you can use to monetize E-books. I am sure that you can use your imagination to come up with additional ideas on how to market yourself with PLR E-books.

The most important thing you must remember is this – speed is the key!

One of the most important selling points of PLR is to help people save time, money and effort! However, most of the time, you will find people buying PLR products with the intention of selling them on in their niche but they somehow never get round to do what they intended and simply let the products virtually rot in their hard drive.

Make sure you take action and get started immediately and get ready to EXPLODE your monthly income!

To your Success!


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