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How to Get New Traffic to Your Old Blog Posts

Today we are going to take a look at how to get new traffic to your old blog posts. If you don’t have a blog I would encourage you to start one. It is a great way of communicating with your subscribers as you can provide a lot more information etc than you can through the use of email only.

Both you and your subscribers will benefit from your blog; you, because you can provide more information/products/advertising and your subscribers, because they have access to your archive.

A blog is a great way to have a website without having to learn html, php etc.

And so without further ado let us take a look at how to get new traffic to your old blog posts.

1. Create “Best of” posts

These are blog posts that list other key posts you’ve written that are all related to a specific theme. They can be “best of [time period, on a subject, etc.],” “most commented on,” “my personal favorites,” etc.

Don’t forget to link each of these posts to 5 or more other posts, with a linked title and a couple of sentences of description about each post.

2. Upgrade your posts

Periodically review each of your old posts, looking for ways that you can upgrade it or bring it up to date. Are there additional points you can make, tips you can add, pictures or formatting changes you can make to it that will make it more valuable to readers, so that they will recommend it to their friends and link to it?

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3. Add video to it

If it’s worth writing, it’s worth committing to video! Create a video about that subject, and embed it into the post. That alone could improve its search engine ranking, giving you more traffic to that post!

4. Build internal links to each post

Each time you write a new blog post think “what other posts have I written that add information not available in this post, that my visitors would find value in reading?” Then link to those older posts in your new post. Plus, you should go back in your old posts and do the same.

5. Get offsite links to old posts

As you know, there are tons of ways to do this like writing a guest blog post and linking to your old articles or writing an article which you post to a different site and linking to your old blog posts. In short, always think of your old blog posts as you do things that might create an incoming link.

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6. Promote old posts through social media

Lots of people consistently promote their new blog posts through Twitter and Facebook. But what about old blog posts? Most people never read those posts in the first place, so they’re rarely redundant!

7. Email it to your optin list

Regularly email descriptions and links to both your new and older blog posts. This can be an amazingly powerful way to generate a ton of instant traffic, comments and new life for your old posts!

As you do these things, you’ll find your old blog posts getting more traffic, better search engine rankings, more incoming links and putting more onto your bottom line?
What have you done to get new traffic to old blog posts? Share your ideas by writing a comment below! And don’t forget to like and tweet this post!

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