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Create your own eBook with Private Label Rights

Hi Guys,

Following the theme of my previous article “Use Private Label Rights Products To Increase Your Business Profits” we are going to look at how to Create your own eBook with Private Label Rights.

Those of you who have been reading my articles will know by now what Private Label Rights products (AKA PLR products) are. For those of you who have not read my previous articles or don’t know what PLR products are you can find out more by reading my article titled “Clarifying the potential confusion about Private Label Rights licenses”.

The big question is, once you have secured your private label rights eBook, how do you turn the eBook into your own “unique” product?

Here are four ways that help you do that:

1) Add your own content

You can add as little or as much content new content as you wish. For instance the PLR eBook you bought is about gardening and you have already written several articles on gardening, you could include those articles into the eBook.

Alternatively, you know of some great gardening tool and plant care websites that your readers may be interested in – you can list those in your resource section.

Another option is to hire a ghostwriter to write some of the new content for you or rewrite sections to suit your style.

2) Combine content from other unrestricted Private Label Rights eBooks

If you have purchased other related unrestricted Private Label Rights product you can add/merge content from that eBook, reports, or articles to form a well rounded unique product. This is an ideal way to create your new eBook that is “right” to measure.

Using the private label rights gardening eBook as an example, let’s assume that you also have a series of private label rights reports – each one focusing on the plant care of a particular plant. Each of these reports could actually form a new chapter in your new eBook

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3) Give your book a new title

Come up with a catchy title – a catchy title can actually help increase your conversion ratio when it comes to selling your eBook.

4) Have a new ecover created

You have two options here: Buy an eBook cover software, or hire an eBook cover designer to to create one for you.

If you don’t have the time, or expertise to create you own ecover then you will probably want to consider hiring a professional ecover designer. But no matter which route you choose, make sure the end result is a professional looking ecover.

In this article you’ve learned four ways to create your own unique eBook with Private Label Rights. Hopefully you will be able to put these suggestions to work to sell even more copies of your new eBook!

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