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5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Product with Private Label Resell Rights

This article, “5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Product with Private Label Resell Rights“, assumes that you already have or own your own private label rights collection. However, if you don’t have your own collection and are considering getting or buying PLR’s may I suggest that you go to either Resell Rights Weekly or PLR Wholesaler for your PLR’s.

There are usually limitations outlining what you can and cannot do with these products so it is important to purchase one that you are allowed to modify as you see fit.

1. Every new venture starts with one of these.

Find an untapped niche and jump on it. An easy way to find a niche is an important tool, and give you something like relief to use, how to get rid of one, and another good place to repair. Anything that deals with someone wanting to solve a problem will give you the best chance of finding a market full of buyers.

2. Find a PLR product that fits with the niche you have just researched.

Research on both PLR products as you can. There is some real rubbish out there so make sure you are getting good value. It is for this reason that I recommend Resell Rights Weekly or PLR Wholesaler for your PLR’s as I use both sites to obtain my PLR’s. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles they are both excellent membership sites, were you can get a really good selection of Resell Rights Products that range from Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights right down to Personal Use Rights.

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3. Research affiliate products that relate to your niche.

Record the links that you need to promote the products and then make sure that you appropriately insert your affiliate links into the text. It’s important that you use the PLR product simply as a starting point. Internet Marketing can be a daunting task if you’re new, and this is a great way to make a start but you should be now starting to get ideas you can use to eventually make your own truly unique product.

Although you can make money promoting products as an affiliate you will make a lot more promoting your own products.

4. You can sell your new publication or just plain give it away

I recommend giving away a free report. Just make sure that your affiliate links work properly and that your report provides some real value to your readers. This way it could go viral and you’ll have all those affiliate links working away for you while you sit back and relax.

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5. Rinse and Repeat

Don’t relax for too long though, as you must move on towards your next big thing; creating your next high value report.

If you research your niche properly, find a few good keywords and modify the PLR product to make it unique there is no reason you can’t make a profit from the above process. In next to no time, you could have 10 or 20 highly targeted products out there working for you and it’s all on autopilot.

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