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Using Content Marketing to Expand Your Visibility on the Internet

Hi Guys,

After having a look at Branding: How To Build Your Personal Brand I decided that it was time to look at Using Content Marketing to Expand Your Visibility on the Internet which will also help you with your personal branding.

And so without further ado, let us take a look at the process involved in using content marketing to expand your visibility on the Internet.

As you are fully aware people carry out searches for information and entertainment on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as Google, which still connects us with the old standard venues like article directories and blogs.

The best way to accomplish and expand your visibility on the internet is to have an effective strategic content marketing system in place that allows you to create and publish keyword-rich content on a regular basis.

Here’s an overview on how this strategy works:

Phase 1: Content Planning

First, do a keyword research for your niche.

When the keywords have been identified, create a ‘Resource’ section on your website where the content will be published.

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The point is to have a central place on the website to curate content so that site visitors can find it easily, and you can control the linking easily.

At the very minimum, you’ll need an account on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a few accounts with article directories like EzineArticles and the like.

Next, you need to create an editorial calendar.

By planning over the course of a year what you content you are going to drip feed through your system, you can target multiple keywords for your site.

Phase 2: Content Creation

Once the research and set up is finished, the content can be created on a regular basis, and published according to the schedule you set up during your planning phase or stage.

The system starts with creating one keyword-optimized article posted on your website. You then adjust the article with additional content in order to get it published on other sites (like article directories) and syndicated in RSS feeds that appear on blogs and social media sites, thus creating even more backlinks and opportunities for visitors to find your website.

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Optimize your articles with the appropriate keywords and make sure that the web page on your site is optimized with a title tag, a description tag and (optionally) a keyword tag.

Now, chop the article into two shorter blog posts, and publish them on your blog (if you have one on a separate domain), or a free blogging site like Blogger or WordPress. Be sure to include anchor links that point back to the original article on your site.

Include a link to the article, and a keyword optimized hash tag in the Tweet you post on Twitter.

Publish the blog posts (at separate intervals) on the wall of your Facebook page.

At this point, it’s easy to see that by writing one keyword-optimized article per week and following your content publishing schedule on a weekly basis your content (and backlinks) will spread virally around the internet.

Your overall website ranking will improve from the accumulation of backlinks and RSS feeds, and the traffic to your website will grow and multiply with each and every publication.

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