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The Three Assassins of Prosperity – The Law of Fear

Hi Guys,

Over the next few days I will provide you with a couple of extracts from an eBook I had written a few years back titled “How to Generate Multiple Streams of Income on the Internet”. I am currently updating this eBook for a relaunch. A lot has happened since I first wrote it and I want the information in the book to be as up to date as possible before I re-release it.

This follows the previous extract titled “The Glass Ceiling of Limiting Self-belief – The Pike Experiment, Elephant Training and Flea Circuses” which looked at various experiments that were carried out that demonstrate the “The Glass Ceiling of Limiting Self-belief”. If you want a copy of that extract CLICK HERE.

The articles will deal with “The Three Assassins of Prosperity” and what you can do about it. Before continuing with it may be wise to reflect upon the following:

Your life is a direct consequence of choices you have made (not choosing is also a choice – you can’t get away from this one) and the actions you have made.

One of the things that hold the majority of entrepreneurs back from achieving their goals is FEAR.

Fear is something that we all experience in different areas of our life. Hardly anyone though understands the true meaning and power that fear can give us.

The three assassins of prosperity are the fear of rejection, the fear of failing and strangely enough, the fear of success. All these fears can lead to a paralysis of action. And they all have the power to stop people from succeeding in life.

In the first instance we will take a look at “The Law of Fear”

So many opportunity seekers and potential entrepreneurs from all walks of life, try to make a living online only to fail. Something seems to hold them back.

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They bought all the latest courses and ebooks from the ‘gurus’ and they went to the various seminars and boot camps offered by the same ‘gurus’.

Initially I put this down to not knowing how to start a business online but many of the courses, ebooks and case studies teach them exactly what to do in order to earn a good living online. All they have to do is to read through the material, follow what they teach and take action. How hard can this be?

I see them at the seminars all fired up. I see them all exited at the new product they have just bought.

And then nothing!

So what happens? Why do so many fail to make any serious cash online? It can’t be the information they received because those who apply what is taught get the results they want.

Why do so many fail to even start?

What is stopping them? What are factors keeping them from success and can they be eliminated?

If you ask any of them why the failed in their endeavour you will get as many reasons as excuses? These range from not having the right information, to not having the time, to not having spare cash, to… you name it.

But the real reason for their failure to make it big online is FEAR.

This, however, is not something that they will admit to at all.

The fear they feel is normal. Many fear the assassins of prosperity; failure and rejection, while others, strangely fear success.

Much of this fear relates to the mindset of the person.

Tomorrow we will continue by taking a look at the Fear of Rejection.

Talk to you soon!


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