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The Three Assassins of Prosperity – Fear of Success

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Following my last article The Three Assassins of Prosperity – Fear of Failure this article will be taking a look at the fear of success and be followed by the last article of this series titled the Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon – how to deal with fear.

Success is really a very general term. Success does not mean the same thing to everyone. And as it for each of us to define what it means to us instead of letting others define it for us.

When I hear the expression ‘fear of success,’ I scratch my head (figuratively speaking of cause) and think, “Why? Why would anybody be afraid to succeed?
The fear of success is a little different from the fear of rejection or failure. It is the fear of what the potential effects of the accomplishment, recognition and possible rewarded may bring including the potential change to their lives.
This fear is very real for some people and will actually keeps them from pursuing their dreams, whether those dreams include a long-term relationships or promotions.
It is quite interesting how subtle the fear of success can operate in one’s subconscious.

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The fear of success is often caused by an intense negative experience from your past. You mind however, can also apparently generate that fear without basis.
Fear of success is not as uncommon as it seems. People often feel pressured to achieve success, therefore, making fear of success an every day thought in their life.
The fear of success springs from thought that you are not worthy of the recognition, and good situations that happen to you. These phobias and fears make an individual act as if they didn’t have the skills or knowledge to perform tasks and achieve success.
The fear of success can often be associated to one’s school years where success at school evoked reactions of ridicule, irritation, or an overall lack of interest from parents or siblings.

The fear of success can also be associated to one’s enthusiastic pursuit of one’s talents and interests being construed by one’s family as showing off.

Fear of success can be just as paralyzing as fear of failure. Many people fear success because it tests their limits and makes them vulnerable to new situations. They fear that success will bring too much pressure and if they succeed people may expect too much of them.

Women may fear success because they are afraid that having the power to create the life they want will render them unlovable.

At times people fear success because they fear that they will be attacked by people they perceive as enemies, or that they will be besieged by others wanting money or other things from them.

Success requires change, and change has both positive and negative consequences.

My next article will look at the Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon – how to deal with fear.

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