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The Three Assassins of Prosperity – Fear of Rejection

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Following from yesterday article titled The Three Assassins of Prosperity – The Law of Fear we will take a quick look at the Fear of Rejection.

The fear of rejection can be associated to destructive criticism given during early childhood and comes out, during adulthood, in the fear of criticism by others.

Because of this many people hold back from actually setting worthwhile goals because they have found that every time they do set a goal, someone tells them that they can’t achieve it or that they will lose their money or waste their time.

The fear of rejection is coupled with the need for acceptance; it is the underlying power of peer pressure and the reason young people and older people alike fixate on pop-culture and counter culture factions. It is the reason they join clubs and gangs. They crave the recognition and acceptance from the group with whom they want to be identified.

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Peer pressure is the act of giving others more power than you give to yourself over how you feel about yourself and letting what the others say or feel about you determine how I feel about yourself.

People that fear rejection will let their imagination get the better of them and at times feel rejected even before any rejection actually happens.

Many people starting a business dislike asking for money for what they have to offer because they have convinced themselves that they are imposing upon someone and are forcing them to do something they would rather not. The opposite is actually the truth.

If we expect to be liked by every prospect our objective may require some adjustment to say the least.

You must realise that if someone does not want to buy your product or service they are not rejecting you as a person. There are also many reasons for them not to buy your product or services at a particular time.

It could be that at the time of the offer they have no need for your particular product. They may want to know more before committing themselves to buying. They may not have the money at the time of the offer. They may have other things on their mind. They may have had a recent bad experience and are now distrustful of offers.

In fact there are a myriad of reasons why a prospect may say no initially.

You may have to approach the same prospect a few times before they will buy from you.

To increase your chance of succeeding the following need to be taken in consideration:

  • You must know what to say when you approach a prospect. This applies to face-to-face encounters, sales letters, emails etc.
  • You must know how to follow up after initial contact i.e. through the use of telephone calls, letters, newsletters, and autoresponder messages, and
  • Above all you must have the confidence that your product or service offer a genuine benefit to your prospect. If you have confidence in your product and/or service it you will be able to approach others with confidence and this will in itself rub of onto your prospect and increase the likelihood of a sale.

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