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Online Content Creation Made Easy

Hot on the heels of my last article Content Creation Tips for Employers and Freelance Writers this article “Online Content Creation Made Easy” explores how to create content easily. But how easy is it really to create online content or to create good articles?

Have you ever sat at your laptop and felt like you were all out of ideas? The dreaded writer’s block! That blank page stares back at you in defiance and each time you start to write something down it does not feel right and so you delete it and try again to no avail.

Welcome to the club! You check out your competition and they have pages and pages of good content with videos and audios and products. And you wonder how you will be able to compete with them.

Don’t worry; it’s going to be OK!

The key to accumulating a library of great content is to leverage each piece of content that you create into additional content without having to start over.

It’s not so much about topics, although having topics to write about is critical. Its more to do about your frame of reference when writing.

As an author, you need to do research on your market. This is a given. You cannot get away from this at all.

When carrying out your research keep in mind that the idea here is to produce ideas or “topics” that you can expand upon and turn into larger works.

I wish I had been taught to think that way earlier on because it really does creates momentum. It allows you to start quickly, keep momentum and allows you to build authority at relative speed It also makes it easier to build backlinks.

Get yourself a good backinking tool such as Backlink Profit Monster V2 or Bionic Backlinking™ to help you get relevant backlinks.

Whether you outsource your content creation or do it yourself, the same principles will apply. When creating content you should bear in mind the following:

– Every sentence you write is a potential title or course name;
– Every webinar you have is a free audio give away bonus;
– Always consider how your content relates to or could potentially “link” to your other content.

In this way, whether you are researching a new niche or building a “library” of content in a familiar market, you will get two or more pieces of content for each effort you make without loosing output quality. As a matter of fact it will more than likely increase the quality of your work as you refine each piece of work to produce the next great articles, etc.

With this methodology, you organize all your notes, your posts, your articles and even your chicken scratch from research into one big library and categorize your folders into larger topics with smaller subtopics inside.

For example if the main topic was “weight loss” then your main or root folder would be titled “Weight Loss” and your subfolders could be titled “exercise”, “nutrition” and “diet”. And finally, in each of these subfolders you might have “notes”, “articles”, “posts” and “transcripts”.

Shift your mindset regarding online content creation to this bigger picture and in turn you can leverage your efforts ten-fold and get more done with less effort while creating great content.

Online content creation is not that hard, if you set yourself up to get the most out of your efforts and leverage your efforts each time you create anything online.

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