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Niche Marketing On eBay!

Let us take a quick look at the power of niche marketing on eBay and what we mean by niche marketing.

Some people use eBay to sell a wide variety of things – virtually anything they can get their hands on – and many of them make a good living or second income using this method. But there’s no order or logic to it. The only thing that drives them is profit.

If they can get their hands on a load of kids toys one week, that’s fine. The next week it could be power tools. Whatever they can get at a good price and make a decent profit on is fine by them. But consider how you would feel if you bought something from this person. Now they could be an excellent seller, with one hundred per cent positive feedback and a fast and efficient service. You’d be happy with your purchase of a power tool that you’d found tucked away in their hotch potch of listings and you’d both walk away happy. But what would happen the next time you needed another power tool?

Would you go back to them because you remembered that they sold a wide range of power tools at great prices? No. You might go back to them because of their excellent service and efficient manner, but the chances are they’d be selling something completely different this week, and you’d have to take your business – and your money – elsewhere.

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Now think about what would happen – in fact, what probably has happened – when you have a similar experience, except this time it’s with someone who has established a business that sells power tools and nothing else. If you received excellent service and an excellent power tool the first time around, the chances are high that you would remember that seller and go straight back to them the next time you need a power tool to add to your collection. Are you beginning to see the power that niche marketing holds?

If you become known as an honest business person that specialises in a particular area of sales, you will be able to convert a far greater percentage of your customers into repeat customers than the guy who sells anything and everything, hoping to sell to everyone all at the same time. He’ll sell to a lot of people – but it’s doubtful that a lot of them will return, because they know he doesn’t specialise in what they’re looking for, and they haven’t got the time to wade through lots of his listings for dozens of things that don’t relate to what they’re after.

Repeat customers are where the real money lies in internet marketing, and in order to capitalise on this fact you need to establish a niche for yourself that you can become an expert in.

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