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Membership Sites: Thoughts on Running a Membership Website

Set Up My ProductsHi Guys,

Education does not stop and as I’m a firm believer in copying others who have already traveled the road I wish to tread I tend to read books and reports from others who have made it in order to implement some of their ideas in my business.

I’ve recently started reading a very interesting book titled “Copy This Idea”.

Unfortunately it would appear that is only available in the UK at the moment. It does however cover some interesting ideas on kick starting your way to making big money from your laptop. Andrew Reynolds, the author, used the proven money making system provided in the book to bank £50 million.

As an internet entrepreneur and marketer I have finally decided to build membership sites in the various niches I market in. This is an idea that I have been toying with for quite some time. My decision to build membership sites comes hot on the heels of my foray in outsourcing. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to my business and after years of basically working on my own I finally had to outsources some of my tasks in order to free up some of my time in order to move the business forwards.

Let’s face it but when it comes to building an online business, there are so many different types of platforms to choose from that it can often become overwhelming and confusing as to where you should begin. From affiliate marketing, CPA opportunities to developing your own high quality information product, there are many different paths and directions to go. It also becomes all too easy to lose yourself dabbling in these platforms if you do not have a clear vision/game plan of where you want to go.

Out of the many different business opportunities and platforms that I’ve explored over the years however, one of the most profitable and long-term ventures involve creating high quality membership websites, otherwise known as “continuity websites”.

With membership websites, you are able to, not only generate recurring payments from every subscriber that joins your website, but you are also able to build credibility within various markets as members recognize you as an authority as well as a source for quality information.

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This valuable credibility can provide you with a powerful springboard that should enable you to eventually launch other products, websites and opportunities to an existing base of targeted customers that you have already developed a relationship with.

After all, if someone is willing to pay a monthly subscription to access information about a specific market or topic, it is also likely that they will be willing to purchase other relevant products, or services that serve as components to your main membership site.

However, there is often a misconception that prevents new business owners and entrepreneurs (me included) from venturing into the continuity marketplace. They are misled into believing that membership based websites are simply too difficult, expensive or time consuming to create, and maintain.

After all, you first need to purchase a membership script or software that will power your website and help you effectively manage the different areas of your community, but you also need to provide subscribers with fresh, quality content as well.

For many, this part of building a successful membership site is what prevents them from going any further.

However, there are many different ways that you can build successful membership website without having to spend a lot of time or money.

In fact, since membership websites are so flexible in terms of how they are structured, you can build community sites that aren’t entirely focused on content at all, but instead, offer training, personal coaching, community access or tools and resources on segments of your market.

This way, you can design your membership website around your preferences, schedule and what you are most comfortable working with.

You could also create a membership website based around monthly updates, so that you are able to free up your time throughout the remainder of the month, while still providing value to your subscribers on a regular basis.

Regardless what market niche you are interested in catering to, you can build a profitable membership site around that niche, and this report will show you some of the best methods for creating successful membership websites quickly and easily.

As mentioned above one of the stumbling blocks has often been the technical aspect of running a membership websites i.e. having to have a web designer who can handle your basic html write-ups, and to ensure that your sites are stable and running smoothly.

Another thing that one has to consider is that in order to start running your membership website is the fact that you will need to have content for your web pages already written, or nearly completed before starting. After all you want to provide quality, relevant content to your members.

When you decide to start running a membership website, it makes sense to have a clear vision of where you want to go with the site and create sound goals and plans to go with your vision. After all if you aim at something the more likely you are to hit it.

There will be times, especially at the beginning, when you may feel dissatisfied with the outcome of the content you are creating and preparing it for conversion but stick with it or outsource some of it. The truth is that the money you spend now will make the load lighter for you in the future.

Most people that join membership websites stay as long as three months. If you provide excellent/relevant content to your members, some may continue being members for a long time. For instance I have been a member of some such site for years now and as long as they continue providing excellent and relevant information I shall continue to so.

So what about the cost of membership websites? In the past the basic cost could start at around $1000 and if you do not have basic html skills, it could cost you anything from $3000 up to get your web site developed to a reasonable standard.

You can cut some of that cost by searching the Internet for membership website deals. And you can save additional cash by learning HTML and CSS. Both HTML and CSS are relatively easy to learn and use.

If you have read my previous articles on outsourcing you could probably try to find someone to build your membership site for you for a lot less than the figures quoted above.

However, you can create a membership site really quickly and for a nominal amount using WordPress and InstaMember, the ultimate WordPress membership plugin.

Instant Membership

For a nominal fee, Insta-Member will even install and configure the plugin for you.

So what is the big deal about running a membership website?

The big deal is that members must join and pay online. They are encouraged to keep their profiles updated. When the profiles are updated, it makes it easy for web businesses to decide what marketing campaigns to use for their clients. In addition, members can join at the boards to interact.

And that is the reason you should think about running your own membership site

Please feel free to leave a comment below. I would really love to hear from you.

Until the next time.

Have a great day.


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