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Membership Sites: Six Membership Features to Maximize Your Income

Killer PresellerHi Guys,

I’m still playing around with ideas derived from the book “Copy This Idea”. The problem with ideas is that we often put up a fence around the idea and subconsciously decide that we are not able to leap over that fence to execute on the idea.

The reason is that we don’t have the confidence to execute the idea or we don’t know what the next step is.

The thing is that when it comes to ideas what may appear to be too big for us, when considering the next step (implementation), it might not be too big for someone else as they may easily know how to take the next step and are not afraid of taking the next step.

Our thoughts do create our reality and if you think you can do something, the confidence, and the creativity then there is nothing that you can’t at least attempt.

But you’ve got to take action.

Now let’s get back to what I was going to write about – Membership Sites or rather Six Membership Features to Maximize Your Income.

Regardless of the software that you choose to power your membership site, there are a handful of features that you will most likely want to make sure are included, even if you don’t intent on using them right away, chances are, you will want to implement them later on in order to maximize your income. This includes:

1: Autoresponder Integration

It’s very important that you are able to capture your visitor and member’s information so that you can send follow up emails, promotions and the updates whenever you have updated your site or in the event you are promoting a special offer or time limited bonus.

List building is an essential component in being able to communicate with your members in order to maximizing subscriber retention. The more frequently you communicate with your subscriber base by offering new features, releases and updates, the more likely your members will remain active.

It’s also a good idea to notify your member’s base of an upcoming update, in the event you plan to archive the previous month’s release. That way, members have the chance to download or view the content before it’s pulled from the site.

You can also use this email system to survey your members’ in order to determine what they are interested in receiving with future updates. This information is incredibly valuable in order for you to create a membership program tailored towards your target audience, and to ensure that your subscribers remain active members.

2: Timed Release Content

With timed release content, you are able to create and schedule posts, pages and updates so that they appear on scheduled times and dates.

This is exceptionally helpful in planning out your updates and in saving time by publishing content in advance and setting it to appear only on the day your site updates.

3: Integrated Affiliate Program

You also want to make sure that your membership script offers the ability to run an affiliate program, so that you are able to encourage members to promote your website while earning commissions.

Most membership scripts come bundled with a ready-made affiliate program, where you can choose to make all members affiliates or you can allow members to choose to enroll in your affiliate program.

By offering members a commission for every new subscriber they refer to your site, you will able to maximize your websites exposure and build a massive customer base, with very little marketing of your own! If you’ve done a great job at delivering quality content, your members will be more than happy to promote your site, and what better way to generate new interest than from satisfied members?

4: Sequential Content Delivery

Depending on your setup, you may want to graduate your members from one level to the next. For example, a member joins your site today and receives access to one module. Then, your sequential delivery system would deliver the next module only after the subscriber has been active for a week (or another period of time).

This is a great way to build a training program that automatically delivers content based on where, in the training, your subscriber is.

5: Unlimited Membership Levels

Your membership site software should offer you the option of creating various levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc) so that you can offer extended upgrades and upsell offers to your subscriber base as your membership site grows.

For example, you could offer “Group A” with access to certain areas of your site for $9.97, while Group B can access all of the areas that Group A can, as well as extended resources, tools and content areas for $19.97 per month.

Having the ability to assign levels is also important in the event you want to feature a temporary offer or a special update that is not part of your regular membership program.

You can then advertise the offer to your subscribers and allow them to purchase access for a limited time.

6: The Option to Scale Your Website

You need to make sure that the membership software you choose will allow for your community to grow, and is equipped and able to handle large amounts of data and frequent activity.

Not every membership script is powerful enough to handle a lot of database activity, so be careful to choose a membership solution that has been thoroughly tested and proven to accommodate large membership communities.

One quick and easy method of building full-scale membership sites is by integrating membership software into a WordPress based website.

This way, your website will be fully optimized for the search engines, while you are able to benefit from a full featured content management solution.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. I would really love to hear from you.

Until the next time.

Have a great day.


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