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Internet Marketing – Do You Have A Plan B

Hi Guys,

I tend to keep a close watch on what’s really going on in the world economy (not the rubbish they show on the mainstream news networks)… and I like to write about what I see although this is not where I normally place my articles.

As far as I’m concerned there is very little that passes as news in the mainstream media. On the main we have is propaganda, lies, diversion, distraction, and the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace easily distracted by spectacles.

In these article or essays, I refer to most of our current political leaders as either “idiots” implicating a mentally deficient person acting in significantly counterproductive ways. Depending on my mood I will also refer to them as morons, imbeciles or cretins.

Presently, these “cretins” are leading us down a very dangerous road that will continue to bring MORE hardship to millions of households.

Their actions breeds UNCERTAINTY. Their so-called cost saving austerity measures force people to loose their jobs and ultimately shrink the economies further. The current crop of so-called economic advisers are no better. Most appear to have very little to no economic acumen.

In the UK the government was hoping for a windfall in revenue from higher fuel prices and were taken by surprise that they were making less revenue from fuel even though the fuel price at the pumps has shot through the roof – bearing in mind that the total tax on diesel for instance is close to 70% of the price which in turn is equivalent to approximately 5% additional Income Tax for the average person doing 10,000 miles. The “idiots” simply forgot that the high prices were forcing people to drive less.

Irrespective of what you may think is going to happen to the economy over the coming months or years, one thing is undeniable… there has never been so much financial uncertainty as we have now.

To give you an idea of this uncertainty, even the political cretins are starting to admit it publicly…

I could go on and on listing reasons why I believe that things will become extremely bad with our economy, but the main point of this article is to ask you one a single question. And that is


I mean an alternative plan to provide income if and when the financial situation in the USA, UK and Europe continues to deteriorate to such an extent that your current income source no longer provides for you and your family.

Whatever you do don’t ignore the warning signs.

I do not think it is wise to ignore what’s happening in the economy and hope everything will be OK. That is simply acting like a rabbit in the headlights of a car.

There is simply too much at stake if you lose your job, or your business goes to the wall because of a shrinking economy, to not consider having an alternative plan.

What does the ideal “PLAN B” look like?

The ideal plan B should be something that generates an income equally well for you even if the economy tanks and profits even more in a down economy.

I do not want to be prescriptive about what I think a good plan B should look like but I would consider products that people need in the first instance rather than what people want although there is a market for both.

Just keep it simple.

How much time will it take to formulate Plan B

Let us assume that as you are reading this here you are going to use the Internet and Internet marketing as a vehicle for your Plan B.

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Many of us, myself included, easily get distracted.

And I am sure that many of you will empathize with what I describe below.

When I first got started, nothing I tried ever seemed to work. Internet marketing was like a giant black hole in which I was tossing my savings into.

What turned things around for me was that I simply quit trying every new method I
read about, and instead chose one thing that I thought would work for me and focused on that instead.

As soon as I picked that one thing to focus on and actually worked on it without distraction my results skyrocketed.

It’s amazing how much power there is in focusing! After all, that is the difference
between a light bulb and a laser beam.

There is something called the 100 hour rule. This is something I read a while back that states that it takes about 100 hours of focused work before you can expect to make even a part time income online. A full time income takes much longer.

I’ve found this to be true of me.

Before I learned to focus on one thing only my problem was that I’d spend 20-40 hours on something and then I would read an email or watch a video promoting another way to make money. I would then buy the new product and abandon all the effort I had already put in on the first strategy to start the new one.

I must also admit that a lot of the time I was spending on marketing was neither
focused nor, I’m sad to say, work.

So what do I mean by focused work? By focused work I mean doing things that directly relate to your desired result. The things that will make a real difference to
your bottom line:

  • Articles you write (and submit… kept forgetting that part)
  • Building links
  • Setting up websites
  • Driving traffic
  • Developing a product or autoresponder series
  • By doing whatever it is that you need to do in order for money to start rolling into your PayPal account… or
  • Hiring someone to do any of the above for you

What focused work doesn’t include is reading emails, marketing forums, or sales letters, which is how a lot of up-and-coming marketers spend the bulk of their time.

Getting focused wasn’t the only thing I did right, but it was the start of everything else.

I know 100 hours seems intimidating. That’s a lot of investment in something that may or may not pan out! I put a fair amount of thought into what to focus on myself.

What you pick to work on is up to you, but I hope that my story will give you some great ideas to work with.

Until the next time.


PS A bit of feedback on the above would be great.

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