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Internet Marketing and The Glass Ceiling of Limiting Self-belief

Hi Guys,

This is a quick note to those who may be struggling to make a go of it in the Internet Marketing world or feel that they may be stalling. I hope that this will give you a boost.

Part of this article has been extracted from an extract from an eBook I had written a few years back titled “How to Generate Multiple Streams of Income on the Internet”. I am currently updating this eBook for a relaunch. A lot has happened since I first wrote it and I want the information in the book to be as up to date as possible before I re-release it.

The extract is titled “The Glass Ceiling of Limiting Self-belief – The Pike Experiment, Elephant Training and Flea Circuses” and looks at various experiments that were carried out that demonstrate the “The Glass Ceiling of Limiting Self-belief”. If you want a copy of the extract CLICK HERE.

Lets face it but when it comes to Internet Marketing there is a lot of ups and downs. And when you are starting out, unless you are very lucky, it may feel at times that there is nothing but a dark void beneath you feet.

At times you may feel like everything is really taking off… while the very next day you may feel that you have hit a brick wall.

You may feel overwhelmed by the conflicting information and all the latest one click software that promise you instant wealth.

You may feel that luck may have deserted you… however, the more effort you put into your work the luckier you become.

Bearing that in mind the one thing you should keep in mind and that is that you wont get there by being timid and waiting to see what happens. You get there by throwing everything you have into it.

Sometimes you stall. We all do that.

I get that.

We often limit ourselves without knowingly doing so. We have been conditioned throughout our lives to be less than what we could be.

The conditioning starts at home and continues through school, college, and university. The process does not stop there but continues throughout your working life.

Aspects of the conditioning can be described using Pavlov’s theory of conditioning. As I am positive that you will be familiar with Pavlov’s theory of conditioning I will not go further into it but will instead reveal how we limit ourselves by a glass ceiling.

We create our own glass ceilings.

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The glass ceiling is best demonstrated by the following three examples. And although some of the animals used in the examples may not rank very high on the evolutionary scale, the conditioning illustrated applies to humans too.

Our limiting self-beliefs translate to self-limiting thoughts. Self-limiting thinking is addictive and over time we form habits that correspond with those thoughts.

To change our self-limiting beliefs and the thoughts that go with them, you have to be willing to form new habits.

We are all conditioned by our experiences. The process never stops. It starts at birth and ends at death. Whether through culture, peer pressure, propaganda and advertising we are being conditioned.

Unfortunately for us self-limiting beliefs can easily be mistaken for reality. We take them at face value without examining the reasons for those beliefs.

Old habits die hard, and being creatures of habits, there is always an unconscious resistance to change within us. Our subconscious mind prefers the status quo; our comfort zone.

Our subconscious mind uses fear as the gatekeeper to our comfort zones. And for this reason when we step out into unfamiliar territory the change is invariably accompanied by nervousness and apprehension.

We should view our limiting self-beliefs as disabilities that set boundaries to our actions and knowledge. However, we do not need to accept to remain as we were shaped by our hereditary body-mind and by the conditioning of our childhood and culture.

To remove a limiting belief, it isn’t enough to identify and acknowledge its existence. Even if you are aware of some of your limiting beliefs, the awareness of those beliefs isn’t necessarily enough to keep them from operating in your life.

Fortunately for us our perceived reality isn’t a fixed entity, it is an image, a perspective that we hold in our minds. Because of this our “reality” can be altered through critical thoughts and consistent action on our part.

It is only by thinking critically and through questioning about how we are being It is only by thinking critically and through questioning about how we are being manipulated and conditioned by our culture, by our peers, by propaganda and by advertisers, that we become aware of what is going on.

And only by being aware of the conditioning you can do something about it.

Even now, I still have problems believing that I can take it to the next level.

Why is that?

It’s simple really, we accept the reality in front of us and we find it hard to believe in an alternative, despite the fact that we know that we can do it. After all others have made it so why not us?

Internet Marketing is easily the biggest and best opportunity that has ever entered my life, and when I remember that I get to work, harder than ever.

Now it’s your turn.

Smash that glass ceiling, break down that wall and get rid of those chains

Build those sites, get those backlinks, and build those funnels.

Do whatever it takes.

You are not a pike, elephant or flea!

I know that you can make it.

Until the next time,


PS A bit of feedback on the above would be great.

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