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How to Write an eBook and What to Do with It

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In this article we are going to explore how to go about writing an eBook and what to do with it once you have written it.

If you are a web content writer who works for hire have you thought of taking your writing a step further and start writing eBooks? If you have, have you ever taken the time to really examine e-books?  If you haven’t, do.  Thanks to the popularity of the internet and e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, writing e-books is becoming a good moneymaking opportunity.

If you have never written an e-book before, you may be nervous about the process.  After all as a web content writer, you specialize in writing articles that are typically about one page in length.  On the other hand, an e-book can have 200 pages or more.  And yes, when looked at writing an eBook from that point of view, writing an e-book must appear like an overwhelming undertaking.  Instead, think of it as writing a series of articles.  These articles will later be arranged in order and compiled into one e-book.

So, how can you write an e-book?

1 – Choose Your Category

If you are a web content writer, your speciality is in writing helpful and informative articles.  This is your expertise, so you should stick with it.  If you want to expand your writing to include creative writing at a later date, do so.  But first, stick with what you know best.  This will make writing an e-book a lot easier.

As for the category, choose a topic that is interesting to you, such as working from home, parenting, or saving money.  Or, choose an issue that is important to your target audience, such as how to lessen the impact of global warming, how to make money from home, and so forth.

2 – Create a Title for Your E-Book

If you are going to write a how-to book, this will be very easy.  What does your e-book show readers how to do?  If it is save money, a good title would be “How to Keep Money in Your Wallet”.

3 – Write Your Introduction

An introduction for an e-book is just like an article introduction.  The only difference is its length.  Summarize the purpose of your e-book, as well as your reasons for writing it.  Instead of squeezing your introduction into one paragraph, use the entire page.

4 – Write Your E-Book

This will be the hard part for most.  As previously stated, the best way to go about it is to think about it as a collection of articles.  Create an outline first.  If you want to show people how to save money, start by outlining the various ways one can save money.  For instance there is saving money on groceries, eating out, clothing, travel, utilities and so forth.  Each of these can be a section or chapter in your eBook.

Break down each chapter into articles.  For example, within the chapter on saving money at the grocery store you can have one article that highlights why you should try to save money when shopping for groceries, how it can increase your savings, how you can use coupons, tips for finding coupons, and tips on how to get full use out of them.  Within minutes, you could have a collection of articles that can be transformed into a 10 page section or chapter.

5 – Write Your Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize your e-Book and what readers just learned.  Restate some of your most helpful and moneysaving tips.

6 – Edit Your e-Book

If you use Microsoft Word, the program will help you capture many grammar and spelling errors.  However it isn’t 100% full proof.  Therefore, make sure that you proofread and edit your eBook.

However, once you start to write your eBook you must power through.  Don’t dither!  Writing likes speed.  Write your first draft as quickly as you can.  You can always edit and polish your work once you have completed your first draft.

Now that you know how to go about composing an e-book, you may wonder how to make money from it.  The good news is that you have many options.  You can create a website and sell your e-book directly from there; you could use a third party marketplace like, or you could convert your e-book to digital text and sell it as an Amazon Kindle book.  In order to increase your earnings I would suggest that you do all three.

A website is relatively easy and affordable to create.  You really don’t need all the bells and whistles.  If you are selling your eBook then do not include links and advertisement on the webpage used to sell your book as this can have the effect of distracting your prospective buyer and allowing them to leave prematurely. and other third party marketplaces are easy to use.  After all they want you to sell through them and therefore make things really simple to use.

As for the Amazon Kindle, you simply need a free account.  Once your free account has been set up all you have to do is upload your Microsoft Word document to the digital text platform and it will automatically convert the file into digital text.  This makes it readable for Amazon Kindle users.  Your book is then listed for sale at the Amazon Kindle Store.

There you have it a quick and easy way on how to go about writing an eBook and what to do with it once you have written it. Simple isn’t it.

I hope that you found the above useful.  I would really like you feedback.

Kind regards,


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