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Going Viral: How to get the most out of your promotion

Viral Marketing Frenzy - A force so powerful, it cannot be stopped!Hi Guys,

Today we are going to talk about increasing your traffic and build your list through the magic of Viral Marketing.

In simple terms viral marketing is all about getting your message across to as many people as possible by getting them to pass the message on for you.

Viral marketing or promotion has become a respectable and more significantly, terribly effective suggests that of marketing among businesses worldwide – that’s if it’s done properly and respectfully.

Properly and respectfully? What will that mean? It means not abusing the system. It means using viral promotion tactics to spread the word regarding your business, your product and your service without offending others or being self-serving.

However, viral marketing is inherently self-serving, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. To be actually effective, viral selling must embody a finding of the middle ground between both parties, a give and take approach. You must engage others, participate in conversation, and give as much as, if not more than, you get. In other words, don’t expect your message to unfold or spread itself overnight. Viral promoting takes time, careful planning and well-thought out execution.

It has, for lack of a better word, an incurable need for attention.

While viral promotions or marketing can be applied in an exceptional range of ways, there are 3 main approaches:

#one – To Share: Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are after all product of viral selling themselves. While their sole purpose is to permit (and encourage) users to share data, they too share their services via their users. It’s extremely easy. Their users believe in them and consider those websites highly enough, that they share those websites with others. Knowing this fact and trusting that this may happen, these social media powerhouses have become multi-million, some billion dollar businesses thanks to, you guessed it, viral promotion.

#two – To Add Value: Adding value is not a characteristic unique to viral promotion. It is a standard promotion approach across the board. For hundreds if not thousands of years, business owners have understood the importance of offering their customers “a lot of” or additional value. For instance, purchase this product and receive this additional product for free. You get the picture. Therefore, the notion of adding value applies to your viral marketing in the same way. However, instead of merely applying added value to your product and services, create value-added offers to those that share your message. For instance, send this message to a further 10 folks, and receive a free product. Give them an incentive and you will, more than likely, see results!

#3 – To create a buzz: Similar to sharing, creating a buzz is can be extraordinarily effective. How is it different? Whereas sharing refers to others literally sharing information with friends (i.e. Like my Facebook page? Sign-up for your own Facebook page today and see what I’m up to, including photos, favorites and more!) creating a buzz is more like regarding spreading the word. Consider how gossip spreads, or the means in which gossip magazines create stories primarily based on hearsay. The plan is to get folks “talking” concerning you, your product and your business in a positive way such that they begin to encourage others to become customers, sign-up or continue the conversation on their own.

As you’ll be able to see, viral marketing is about a lot more than inundating your audience with your message. Its about strategic planning and taking an approach that puts your business in a positive light while enticing others to not only become customers, but to spread the word as well.

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  1. The most successful viral marketing will provide people with an incentive to participate – i.e. a reason to pass on the message to others. The reason for this should be obvious – why should people choose to forward your marketing message to others? You need to give them an incentive to do so. This incentive can take the form of a cash incentive, a ‘free’ product/service that would otherwise have traditional commercial value (e.g. free online ‘disk space’ where people can upload documents and access them over the Internet), or some other form of product/service that would not normally be thought of as having value (e.g. a humorous message).

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