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Effective Advertising using Article Marketing

Article MagicHi Guys,

With this article, “Effective Advertising using Article Marketing”, we are going to look at using article marketing to create an effective advertising campaign.

So what is Article Marketing?

Apart from creating content for your website article marketing is also a great form of advertisement for your website. This type of marketing is an effective tool to promote your products, services or companies and to get targeted web traffic to your website. Article marketing can help your website to become popular and produce more hits in search engines.

Many people choose to advertise through this method simply because it is free. However, the perception of it being free is based upon a false premise as it does not take into account the cost of your time into account.

There are numbers of website that offers free article publishing. They are known as article directories. All you have to do is write an article about the product you are selling or advertising and post it to the article directories. Do not forget to include the URL link of your website in your resource box at the end of each article.

For those of you who are new to article marketing the resource box is where you get to sell your product or service. To be effective your resource box should contain your name, your website’s URL or address, your elevator pitch and a call to action.

The elevator pitch is a couple of sentences that contain a quick and succinct summation of what you have to offer. It briefly answers the question ‘what’s in it for the reader?’ The call to action aims to get readers to your site to buy, join, signup or whatever you want them to do. You can find one of my resource box below to give you an indication on how they look.

About The Author: Alain Prud’homme’s website at offers excellent articles and FREE courses covering all aspect of Internet Marketing. His Free E-course “The Magic Formula” is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to improve your e-marketing. Subscribe for FREE at

When you post an article on your website, blog or article directory, you are posting an advertisement to which people have access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And it doesn’t cost you anything.

Just a single article can go a long way. The reason for saying this is that other website publishers may look at your article and if it fits in with their niche they may republish it to one of their websites.

From there, your article can be published and republished to numerous websites still promoting your own website and the product you are advertising or selling.

The only way to write an effective article, one that will glue your readers until they end up in your website URL, is to make it informative, and fun and easy to read.

Here are some basic tips to create an effective article marketing campaign:

1. Your articles should be informative. The main reason people reads article is for the information. Try to add as much information about the product you are selling.

2. Although your article should be informative, it should also be short and simple. Be precise about what point you are driving at and as much as possible keep the terms simple and easy to understand. Nothing turns people of as a whole load of jargon.

Technical terms can be difficult to understand for some people and may lose interest in finishing reading your article.

3. Give the readers a reason why to read your article. Your headline or title should be attractive enough to draw in readers to start reading your article in the first place. Moreover, your first three sentences should also be aimed at grabbing your reader’s attention.

4. Aside from posting your articles in article publishing websites or directories, don’t forget to post one on your own website as well. This creates targeted traffic to your site when users type in your article keywords.

5. Article marketing is effective as long as you do not include a sales pitch in your article. Reserve your sales pitch for your reserve box. Sales pitch can and will discourage readers. A sales pitch without good solid information will lead many potential customers to think that you are just selling a product you do not even know anything about.

It can make you look like you are just in it for the money and customers do not like that. Show your knowledge about the product you are promoting first. Remember that your sales pitch can be displayed in your resource box at the end of your article and on your website.

6. Break down your articles and post relevant pieces to discussion boards related to your product and include some lines like “to read more about this visit Keep in mind that if you can get readers interested they will most likely click on the website link to get further information.

7. Put your best articles in an e-book and distribute them by email or by download links. This is a great way to circulate your article to people.

8. Write more than one articles. Keep in mind that the more articles you write, the more people can choose between what they want to read. Put in different titles to attract different kinds of people.

9. Always update your articles in order to continue promoting your products effectively. Some article publishing websites displays articles by the date it was uploaded. The more up to date your article is, the more it has a chance to get onto the first page result of a search.

10. Test your articles by first by letting your friends or family read it. Get their opinions about your article and make some improvements if you need to. Look at their expressions while reading your article. Do they look interested? Do they look bored? Ask yourself these types of questions.

11. Make use of bullet points and numbers; Lots of it. Bullet points and numbers tend to make articles easier to read.

12. Make sure that you use white space effectively. White space is the unprinted area of within a piece of printing or webpage. White space is as effective in a layout as in type. It’s used to calm the eye, and to draw the reader through the layout. For this reason just make sure that after every bullet point or sentence you leave at least a line space before the next one. Readers like to see a lot of white space.

Article marketing is easy and a convenient way to advertise your products. It is free and very effective. To make it a success, always remember to keep it informative, easy to read, and keep it simple. In short, make it reader-friendly.

Just remember to always check the requirements of the particular directory you are submitting to and to include your resource box at the end in line with the one I’ve included here below.

About The Author: Alain Prud’homme’s website at offers excellent articles and FREE courses covering all aspect of Internet Marketing. His Free E-course “The Magic Formula” is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to improve your e-marketing. Subscribe for FREE at

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