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Download Protection Is As Important As Sales

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A Quick Review of Dragon Download Protector

We last looked at “How to Protect Your Thank You Sales Pages From Illegal Downloads Using Expiring Links” I thought that I would carry out a quick review of the Dragon Download Protector software created to protect your thank you sales pages from illegal downloads using expiring links . However, it does a lot more than just create expiring links .

If you are planning on marketing down-loadable products from your own hosted website you may, apart from your customers illegally sharing your link with family, friends and even in some cases forums, also have to worry about search engines picking up the link, making it accessible to anyone doing a search for your product.

Dragon Download Protector will definitely stop both your customers illegally sharing your thank you page link and search engines from picking up your thank you page link.

  • Dragon Download Protector is quick and easy to set up;
  • You can add new products in seconds;
  • You can use it to manage an unlimited number of products;
  • It will automatically create thank you pages;
  • You can use an unlimited number of templates for your thank you pages;
  • It will allow you to personalize your thank you pages automatically;
  • It makes it really easy for you to manage your products;
  • It instantly creates your sales links and buttons;
  • Most important of all, it instantly creates new expiring links ;
  • It generates short secured links;
  • It protects individual Zip download files;
  • It allows you to limit the number of downloads from your thank you page;
  • It allows you to lock each link to a single IP address;
  • It allows you to instantly disable a link;
  • Customers will be automatically subscribed to your autoresponder when they order any product from you; and
  • You can use Dragon Download Protector for an unlimited number of websites and products.

All in all this is a nifty piece of software that is really worthwhile getting for yourself in order to protect your downloadable products from the unscrupulous.

Do yourself a favor and CLICK on the link to get a copy of Dragon Download Protector to stop hackers and thieves from stealing your downloadable products from your thank you page.

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