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Content creation paradigm of a successful Internet Marketer

Following my article on Content Creation Ideas – how to create content for effective use in your online marketing I thought that now would be a good time talk about the Content creation paradigm of a successful Internet Marketer.

Few realize just how important and monetizing content creation is.

Let me go on to say that content creation is one of the most rewarding and powerful marketing tactics out there if it is done right. The more content you have on your site; the more traffic you can potentially pull towards your site.

This is why the internet is still known today as the ‘information highway’. As a matter of fact, Google was initially created as a means to look up educational and research information online.

Google was created to provide educational content to us. Many of you may have heard about the so-called Google Slap. if Google considers that the page that potential customers visit when they click on an ad is not related to the keyword or ad, is poor in quality, or even loads too slowly, they may take punitive action in the form of a Google Slap.

Google consistently appears to look for original and significant content on landing pages i.e. the page a person goes to when they click on an ad, transparent business dealings, upfront information on how you conduct business, and easy methods for searching your website from the your landing page. When you consider the above one can immediately see why WordPress and other blogging software have become popular as with the various plugins you can build up a site that conforms to what they want from you.

To avoid a Google Slap you do not want to create a landing page that only consists of a table of contents and plenty of ads for other vendors. You also have to make sure your page conforms to any of Google’s Editorial Guidelines.

Therefore, in order to tap into the incredible lucrative resource of the internet, we, as internet marketers, must change our paradigm from a make money paradigm into a content creation paradigm.

If we are more on the creation of content information side of things, then the traffic and revenue flows naturally begin. This is a law that governs the internet world.

Publish enough high-quality content and you generate a traffic magnet that every marketer needs.

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This is the principle that I continue to abide by in my own internet business i.e. continuously sow content into the internet; reap the reward of endless traffic.

Every day, I make an attempt to add more content to my business by either:

– Posting a blog entry;

– Posting a blog comment;

– Create a video tutorial online for free;

– Writing a viral report;

– Send a press release every day; and

– build relevant backlinks.

And as a result, I have seen trackable improvements to my traffic and business every week.

Therefore, if you do not focus on a functional marketing strategy, I urge you to build content to promote and build your business.

Just taking this one actionable step everyday can make you much wealthier in the next 9 months. 9 months! You may have exclaimed! Surely you did not think that it was going to happen overnight? Did you? Like everything – it takes work, it takes time and it takes money.

It is a balance thing – the more effort you put into it the faster things happen. If you do have some funds available you may be able to speed things up provided you spend your money judiciously.

For my backlinks I have mentioned in a previous post titled “10 Effective Ways to Build Blog Backlinks” I use two good backinking tools i.e. Backlink Profit Monster V2 and Bionic Backlinking™ to get relevant backlinks and I urge you to get yourself a good backlinking tool to help you build those much needed relevant backlinks.

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