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Comparing content creation methods

As my last article looked at “ Content Creation Preparation – Four Steps to Maximize Your Content Creation Time ” I thought that we would spend some time comparing content creation methods.

In this article we will be comparing content creation methods by starting with blogging and writing articles, passing by video creation and ending with a discussion on forums and Q&A websites.

There is no doubt that each method has its own advantages and disadvantages as described in the following analysis:

Blogs and Articles

Writing contents for your blogs is probably the most popular method. The same articles can also be distributed via article directories to disseminate your work throughout the internet.

However, they tend to have weak interactivity feature which is limited to your readers posting comments on your posts.

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Videos are now quite popular now due to YouTube which offers a platform allowing the creation of such media. For many consuming this type of media is by far easier than reading. However, the problem with video content is in the availability of subjects matter which still lags far behind written text.

Like blogs, their interactivity is also affected as it is limited to viewers’ comments.

Forums and Q&A

On the other hand, forums and Q & A have some form of interactivity, but suffer from not having any full content. Most of the time they consist of a post or a question that people discuss and exchange opinions upon. Its scope is limited to the exposure of a problem and the search of a solution; to which the community is asked to contribute to.

The interest party must have enough patience and persistence in order to succeed in getting the community to be engaged in the solution. Usually forums are used by people seeking to meet others; generally from the opposite sex.

People usually use Forums and Q&A to discuss and debate topics. So chatting can be part of the quality content creation if it is presented accordingly. However, news or articles can be the subject of debate between supporters and opponents and sometimes the discussions can degenerate to name calling.

Some services offer people the capacity to find other users who are interested in a particular subject and exchange with them their opinion in real time. The content of these exchanges are published so that other people will benefit from this exchange of ideas.

The real advantage of this approach is that it is in real-time; people get instant replies in a very short time. It does have a drawback those debates consists of an exchange with a duplex full explanation, clarification requests, etc. However, this can also have a positive impact in helping to create a better understanding of the subject.

The challenge is to be able to find someone to chat with on a specified topic at a particular time.

Finally the diversity of methods adds richness and creativity as well as provides convenient ways for different people to obtain information according to their preferences and taste.

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