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Article Marketing Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

Article MagicHi Guys,

With this article, “Article Marketing Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make”, we are going to look at article marketing mistakes you do not want to make.

One of the well-kept secrets to getting web site traffic is article marketing. Ask anyone who has done this previously and they will tell you that this is a tried and tested method of getting traffic.

However, if you do not understand the basic principles behind article marketing your efforts will bring, what is recognized as, an effective tool for marketing promotions down the drain along with all your efforts and waste what would normally be regarded as quality articles.

In this article we will take a quick look at the common errors people make when using article as part of their marketing campaigns.

So what are those common mistakes that people make with article marketing?

1. Not being clear on who the target audience is.

The most common error that a lot of writers and publishers make is in not defining in the first instance who their target market/audience are before writing out their content.Taking Action in spite of Imperfection

This puts them at odds with and separates them from the more successful article marketers who already have a very clear idea on what their niche market is even before the thought of writing an article is conceived.

The two traits needed when targeting your niche is to be narrow and deep. It is preferable to choose an audience with a specified and notable interest in your niche topic.

2. Making use of spam out of sheer desperation.

This is a business and you must realise that things do not happen overnight. It takes time to build up the business just as it takes time to build up your reputation.

Unfortunately a lot of people believe the hype they have read in some sales letter about getting 1000 or more visitors a day and making $1000’s from them and in their desperate need to get more than the usual number of consumers than can be expected when starting out, some authors tend to target just about everyone.

They try and often do get published in all the different category of directories, newsletters or ezines out there. However, this approach does not last for long. In the long run, the owners of those directories and publications will remove those articles in the assumption that they are spam.

So instead of saving time and resources, you actually get nothing and have to start over from scratch. What’s more, you will have lost any reputation you may have had.

3. Inappropriate titles or headlines.

If your headlines do not grab the attention of your readers instantly, it will not matter that you are best writer on the Internet, you will still end up a loser.

When writing articles, reports and books you should spend some time thinking up titles that will work. This simply means that the titles to your articles, reports and books must attract the attention of visitors the instant they set their eyes on it.

Taking Action in spite of Imperfection That is why you should spend almost the same amount of time you spent on the content of an article in thinking of a good title.

After all which would you rather have; an outstanding article with ineffective words for a title or an ordinary article with an eye-catching title?

In case you are not aware of it, in the example above the ordinary article will probably make more sales than the better one. Ask yourself why.

Don’t forget to use niche related keywords within your title and in the first few paragraphs of your article as this will determine how much traffic your article will be driven back to your website as your readers will have used keywords to find your article in the first place.

4. Think of your readers first before you think about yourself.

The majority of writers may have passed the above three stages with flying colours but this is where they blow it. They blow it because they think of themselves first and foremost.

In article marketing, you are not writing for yourself. You are writing for your readers. You cannot just go about and write on any topic you want. On the contrary, you really have to write about your niche or market’s topic of interest.

To be an effective article marketer you have to give your audience what they want. Your audience does not really care whether you have won an award in writing or whether you are a well-known author. All they really care about is that your articles deliver what they want and that they can put the information you provided within your article into use.

If you provide what your readers want while being entertaining and the material is of use to them, you will be onto a winner.

5. Check your spelling and grammar. Taking Action in spite of Imperfection

Although checking your spelling and grammar sounds obvious you will be surprised to know that it is often overlooked by many writers in their haste to post their articles.

Ok, granted that you may have written one of the best article read by your target audience. Unfortunately the one thing you did not notice is that one word was spelled incorrectly. People are very judgemental and once your readers have spotted this, all admiration and awe they may have held for you and your article will be immediately erased. They will then relegate your article to the status of a low class article.

If you do not want your articles to be disposed as something not worth reading, have them spell checked first before publishing. Even if you blame them on machine typos, your readers will always think it was you.

After all what difference will a minute or so of your time make checking your article out for errors?

Article MagicOnce you understand the essence behind article marketing, it will stand you in good stead and provide you with an excellent means of generating traffic as well as creating great content for your site.

As always I really appreciate the various comments you make and the feedback you provide.

I sincerely hope that you found the above informative and useful.

Warmest regards,


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