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Amazon Kindle Books versus eBooks: Which is Best?

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Today we are going to take a quick look at Amazon Kindle Books versus eBooks and consider the question of ” Which is Best?” in terms of generating a revenue stream.

If you are a web content writer who wants to augment his or her earnings, you may consider moving up to the next level in writing.  For most of you, this will be writing e-books.  Although you can write e-books for hire, you can and should also write and sell your own.  In fact, you have many options open to you when doing so.

Those of you who read my newsletter or my posts ( would know I really believe in using the best quality PLR books, articles and courses to speed up the creation of products and eBooks.  The reason for using quality PLR’s is the simple fact that the research has already been carried out by the PLR author/product creator.   When using PLR’s always amend them to suit your style and enhance the product by adding any new information you may have on the subject matter.  Go through the document and correct or amend any information that is incorrect or redundant.  If there are links embedded in the document make sure that they still work and remove them if they don’t.  You can also add your own links to the document where relevant and lastly you should always include links to the sales pages of your other publications or products at the back of your eBook.

Once written you can leave your e-Book as is and sell it via your own website, sell your eBook through a third party marketplace such as ClickBank or use the Amazon digital text platform to convert your e-book into an Amazon Kindle book.

So which option should you approach and potentially provide you with the best revenue stream?  If fact you should consider using all three approaches.

If you want to make money selling an e-book you created, it is important for you to understand your targeted market.  Unfortunately, the market for eBooks is still relatively small.  Although E-books are increasing in popularity, some people don’t want to read a book on a computer.  I must admit that I do fall under that category when reading a novel.  I, like many others, still want to feel the pages or literally cuddle with a blanket and a good book.  However, when it comes to information, courses, articles and news I tend to read them online.

E-book readers are slowly changing that particular landscape.  Nevertheless, for that reason, you need to target as many potential buyers as possible.  This is why you should not only sell your e-book as is, but also convert it to a digital text Amazon Kindle book.

Most writers utilize Microsoft Word to write their books.  Its spell check and grammar check programs make it easy to catch errors.  After composing your e-book, proofread it.  And then proofread it again.  Don’t leave out this most important step.  Books riddled with errors, with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will get negative press and bad reviews.  If you want to profit as an e-book author you need provide a quality book and one that isn’t riddled with errors.

After composing your e-book and proofreading it, you will want to get started with transforming it into a Kindle Book.  You should do this first, as it is very easy.  Visit  Create a free account if you don’t have one yet.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Self-Publish with Us”, link.  On that page, choose the Amazon Kindle.  You may need to log into your account again which should take you to your dashboard.

Once you have arrived at your dashboard for the Amazon digital text platform, choose the feature that allows you to add a new item.  From there, just follow the directions.  This begins with entering in product details.  Summarize your e-book in the product description; enter in your tile and your name as the author.  The next step is converting your word document into a kindle book.  Upload your Microsoft Word document and Amazon digital text program will convert it to digital text.  Proofread and preview your inputs to make sure that everything is correct.  The final step is setting your price.  Once done, click “Publish,” and your book will be uploaded to the Amazon Kindle Store in about 24 hours.

The Amazon Kindle is a handheld electronic device.  At the time of writing the current version weighs 10.3 ounces and simplifies the reading of an e-book.  Owners can browse, preview, purchase, and download books from the Amazon Kindle Store without any wires or computer.  On average, most e-books sell for $9.99.  Amazon pays you a 35% royalty fee for each sale.  Although this is a lot less than you can make selling your eBook directly, you can still make a profit.  It is because you are targeting a specific group of customers i.e. Kindle owners.

Targeting Amazon Kindle owners gives you an advantage, but it also hurts your profits.  Kindles are popular, but not everyone owns them.  At the time of writing this article the Kindle fire HD costs $199.00 while the Kindle White Paper costs $99.00.  So, don’t just rely on the Kindle the make money from your e-book.

Create an account with Adobe Create a PDF or use a free PDF converter online.  You should covert your Microsoft Word document into a PDF file.  Not all internet users have Microsoft Word, but they all have an Adobe PDF reader.

Once you have converted your word document into a PDF file you are ready to sell it either directly or through a third party marketplace such as or   Selling it directly will involve creating a sales page.  This consist of posting a picture of your e-book cover, summarizing your book, posting reviews, stating the selling price, and being able to accept payments through PayPal.

Market your e-book sales page through article directories, message boards, press releases and other advertising forms.  By handling the sale of your own e-book, you generate the largest income simply because you don’t have to share profits with anyone else.  However, if you are limited on time or find the process of selling your book yourself overwhelming, turn to a third-party marketplace or self-publishing company, such as

In short, it is easy to profit from a well-written and interesting e-book.  Don’t make the mistake of limiting your income potential. I hope that you found the above useful.  I would really like you feedback.

Kind regards,


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