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A few simple tips to stop you from getting drawn into the price war game

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Hi Guys,

Today, I’d like to offer a quick change of pace. 

We are going to tackle one of the big myths that one comes up against on the internet regularly.

This myth is part of a tactic employed by 99% of internet marketers as a sure-fire way to increase their sales.

And nothing could be further from the truth!

This sure-fire tactic is by far their worst enemy.

You are probably wondering what I’m talking about right now! So let me put you out of your misery.

I’m talking about the “Lowest Price”!

Don’t even entertain the thought of lowering your price of price your products just to make sales.

Lowering your price to the absolute bare minimum in order to be more to be more competitive is, apart from being bad business practice, also a sure-fire way to put yourself out of business.

What you really to do is to think outside the box and consider what you can do to make more sales without giving away your profits by lowering your price to the absolute bare minimum.

Depending whether it fits with your business plan and upon your marketing strategy, there are times when you could consider selling products at a loss or even give products away with the view of collecting your clients details. This is commonly known as a loss leader.

Apart from this you need to consider what you can do to make purchasing an item from your website a more pleasant and fulfilling experience than from your competitors.

Although the actual steps you need to accomplish your goals may to a certain degree be different online and your shop front is a webpage in the internet you are still governed by the same principles that a brick and mortar shop is.

The actual steps that need to be taken to accomplish your goals might be somewhat different online.

One of the biggest hurdles you face when selling a product is you. You simply have to be one of a hell of a good salesperson!

Be a salesperson that stands out from crowd by providing your clients with a great shopping experience.

On the internet YOUR WEBSITE is your salesperson and as you only have a few seconds to engage with your prospective customers you should in first instance make a great first impression and be professional in your approach.

Your website should show your personality.

Take a proactive approach with your customers. Don’t wait for them to come to you!

Sell the sizzle not the steak”

Sell the BENEFITS of your products and not the features! Tell your customers WHY a feature will BENEFIT them! Customers buy with their emotions and provide their own logic for buying the product.

You should strive to get your visitors’ contact details. You can do this by giving away some “Freebies” in exchange for their contact details. This will allow you to keep in touch with them once they have left your website.

You can also give away some “Freebies” just for stopping by. Where possible these “Freebies” should consist of a viral eBook with links to your website, your other products and other “Freebies”.

Create dialogue with your visitors by asking them for their feedback on your site. Make this easy for them by providing a comments box.

Provide “Freebies” relating to a product you are about to launch and ask them for feedback and for referrals.

You’ve got to work at gaining your prospects trust and establish a relationship with them.

And then, and only then, you go for the sale.

Add perceived value to your customer’s purchases by throwing in some “Freebies” that cost you little or nothing and include them in with their purchase for FREE! The perceived value goes a long way.

Once you’ve have made that sale you continue providing them with relevant information and engage with them.

And don’t forget to get your clients contact details so that you can build your list in order to keep in touch with them. Your list is your business’ lifeblood and foundation.

Don’t forget to ask your client for referrals about your product.

By engaging with your customers and providing them with a really great shopping experience they will recommend/refer you to their friends.

You should realize that good service travels like wildfire. This is especially true online. Conversely bad service travels even faster.

Treat your clients like gold and they’ll come back again and again… and bring their friends! You could effectively include a-tell-your-friends script and give away a product to those who do.

By providing a good service you may find that you attract new visitors as word spreads.

In order to increase your reach you should create an affiliate program. Provide your affiliates with a valuable (perceived) incentive to send customers your way. They’ll be your best form of advertising.

Offer “Limited Time Offers” and “Weekly Specials” for those on your mailing list. Your customers won’t want to miss out on an incredible deal!

I would really love to get your feedback regarding the above. Please post your comments in the box below.

Until the next time,

Warmest regards,


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