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6 Great Secrets on How to Create Killer Web Content

In this article we are going to look at 6 great secrets on how to create killer web content. So where does one start with the creation of great web content?

You have your keywords and you have done your research, now all that is left for you to do is to put it all together. The good news is that you are not the first person to have had to face this issue.

Read on to discover the six super-secrets for building killer web content.

1. Telling a story

One good way to connect with your readers is to include a personal story in your content. By remembering how you solved a problem or overcame a difficulty relating to your niche, you can connect with your readers in a more fundamental level. Give your readers something they can relate to, and they’re more likely to keep reading.

2. Solve a Problem

Another secret of the great web content creation, it is really deliver useful and relevant information. If you can think of a problem to be solved or a need to be filled, chances are there will be people looking for answers to the same problem.

If you have really good tips to share, then you have the ability to create killer web content from those tips.

3. Shorter is better

The speed at which people read digital content is on average 25% slower than when they read print. Therefore short paragraphs and lists work well online.

Present your information in easily digestible chunks. Keep to about 50-80 words per paragraph as this seems to work well for the average web readers.

If the argument is more technical, more sections may be necessary, but you should still try as precise as possible.

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4. Keep it Simple.

A recent usability study showed that 79% of web readers scan online text instead of reading it word for word.

Several other studies have shown that web surfers scan a page for only about 10-15 seconds before they decide whether to give it the green light to spend more time reading it. Using bold headers, colored text and bullet lists helps readers find the information they’re looking for faster.

Avoid large amounts of text and keep your phrasing relatively easy. Add illustrations whenever possible if you’re covering more complex topics.

5. Give them what they ask for

Getting feedback from your content readers is a crucial part of creating web content. Keep an eye on the comments and inquiries on your site, and respond when necessary.

You can also place a poll or short survey on your website for the casual reader to fill in. Use this feedback to generate new content.

6. Keep it Credible

People on the whole, are on the whole becoming more sceptical and you have to provide them with a reason to have confidence in the contents you provide. You should avoid a lot of marketing jargon and/or exaggerations in your content.

Try to keep your ideas to the point, and if you cite a source then provide a link to that source if possible.

If you are pitching affiliate links, let your readers know.

If you are honest with your website visitors in advance, you can gain their trust – and earning the trust of your reader is the ultimate goal of creating killer web content.

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