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What Is Content Curation and How It Can Help Market Your Brand

All Internet marketing professionals who wish to excel in their field should consider including content curation within their online marketing strategies. This is organizing and sharing the most relevant content on a particular subject. Rather than a computer doing the automated sorting, there is a designated human being who will be doing the searching, sorting and publishing.

Just as a museum curator decides which paintings should make it to a particular exhibition, an online curator chooses which pieces of information are likely to be relevant to their audience.

So, what’s so great about content curation? The main difference between content aggregation today and content aggregation in the 90’s is social media. The central part of the content curation movement is the ‘community’, which can be a really powerful way to draw attention to one’s digital marketing efforts.

However, doing effective content curation for a digital marketing brand is not as easy as it seems. Instead, to be successful, you have to invest in both curation as well as promotion.

When Google released their Farmer algorithm update and the world of online content shifted like a tectonic plate in a big-budget disaster movie. Around the time this all happened a new buzzword started to appear in the online marketing vocabulary – curation.

If you have a blog or website in orderd to succeed now more than ever you are encouraged to do one simple thing and that is – add value to the Internet.

The game has effectively changed – add value and your online business will thrive.

So, how can curation help you build traffic to your blog? Well, what most blog owners do is rehash and recycle existing content they find online in Wikipedia or in article directories and pass it off as their own.

Those days are over.

As I’ve said previously in my article “ How to profit from Private Label Rights products ” You’ve got to make your content or product unique.

Your blog or website will now have to be truly valuable to your visitors. Your content needs to be absolutely unique and really engage your visitor and add value to their online experience.

And once you’re a trusted source for information in that niche then free inbound links, traffic and search engine success will come naturally. This is because you will be offering valuable information, advice or guidance that you can’t find anywhere else.

Done correctly, Content curation can play a vital role in helping your brand succeed; and is particularly effective when sharing relevant information with your social network. Content curation helps your audience see only the most important news or updates, since you have taken the first step and filtered out irrelevant information. The more interesting the news or information that you post, the more likely they will be to trust your brand.

With this in mind you should really consider the following:

Who Are You Talking to?

The more online support you gain from posting relevant information, the more successful your brand will be. After you determine what your focus will be, it’s important that you share pertinent information that has to do with their interests and also relates to your industry.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

Various industries use certain social media websites over others, depending on whom they are trying to reach. If your audience consists of a mostly younger demographic, then Twitter and Facebook may be the best ways to engage them online. It may take time to cultivate influential followers, but if you can get someone with over one hundred thousand followers to mention your company, that’s even better!

Timing Is Key

Most social media gurus will tell you that the timing of your posts is crucial. Most people troll the Internet during work hours, so posting information anytime between 9am – 5pm is preferable. Wednesdays are the best days to post, followed by Tuesday and Thursday, then Monday and Fridays.

The more neutral the content you share, the more your audience will see that you are not “trying to sell them” by pushing your products and promoting your services – rather you are out to add value.

By taking advantage of tools such as StumbleUpon that takes you to random websites based on your interests, you can discover up and coming trends that even you may not of heard of yet.

Shape Up Your Brand

All of these strategies can help build your brand and drive more traffic to your website so you can expand your company’s reach. Becoming aware and strategizing your information sharing agenda, you will be on your way to improving business in no time.

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